Just because a product claims to be “all natural” does not make it safe. After all, lead, arsenic, mercury, asbestos and poison ivy are all natural substances. You get the idea. So, although an “all natural” claim may be technically correct, it can be misleading.

WE LIST ALL OF OUR INGREDIENTS specifically by name on the packaging of every product. We are proud and excited about what goes into making Pearly Gates the best! Take a minute to read a few of our ingredient labels. What you find will amaze you. We don’t just mix up the color and fragrance. Every item in our huge selection is a unique blend from the ground up. What you will not find in our products are chemical fragrances, colorings, parabens, surfactants, or chemical preservatives of any kind.

Also, WE DO NOT USE MINERAL OXIDES, which are very commonly used in soaps, bath care and cosmetics. They work well in coloring ceramics and concrete but we believe they should never be used in bath care or cosmetic products. Many mineral oxides are known to carry heavy metals that can pass through the skin into the bloodstream as well as cause skin and eye irritation.

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